Interpreting is the oral transfer of a desired message from a source language into a target language. However, the message consists of more than just words. Professional translators do not limit themselves to the linguistic and grammatical aspects of statements; they also consider and transfer cultural conventions between the source and the target language.
Simultaneous, consecutive, whispered or Skype interpreting … At DRAGOMAN we have the right solution for all your cross-language needs!

Simultaneous interpreting

Are you planning a larger conference at which different languages will be spoken?
At such events, flawless and quick cross-language communication is of outmost importance for the successful outcome of the event. Simultaneous interpreting makes that possible. The use of conference technology (interpreting booths) and the service of professional conference interpreters enable an almost simultaneous transfer of the oral statement into all desired languages to take place.

Consecutive interpreting

Are you organising a meeting with your foreign business partners?
Consecutive interpreting is the key to success. For this type of interpreting, a special note-taking technique is used. Additional technical support is not necessary. Because translations are delivered after speakers have made their statements, the duration of the meeting is extended. Hence consecutive interpreting is most suitable for events at which not more than two languages are spoken.

Whispered interpreting

Do only three or fewer persons require an interpretation at your event?
Whispered interpreting enables an almost simultaneous interpretation of the original message into no more than one language without the use of interpreting booths.

Skype interpreting

Do you have to organise a meeting with your foreign business partners although your tight schedule does not allow you to travel abroad? This problem can be solved easily. You set up a free Skype account, we provide an interpreter, and you can talk to your foreign business partners instantly and without limitations.